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About The Lifestyle Marketeer

Coaching and Mentorship Programme

The Lifestyle Marketeer programme, provided by James Hopkins Coaching Limited, is a coaching and mentorship programme that digital marketing consultant and coach James Hopkins created to teach expats and travellers how to establish a successful online marketing agency.

The Lifestyle Marketeer programme was set up so Hopkins could accomplish his mission to help people from all around the world to completely transform their lives, achieving independence and financial freedom by launching their own online business. Hopkins was an expat himself for a number of years in South East Asia. Having had this experience, he decided to create the Lifestyle Marketeer programme so he could share his expertise and knowledge, helping others to start a successful online business from anywhere in the world.

By joining the programme, expats and travellers can expect to learn the strategies and techniques that will enable them to launch their own digital marketing agency. Completing the Lifestyle Marketeer programme fully equips students with the skills and knowledge they will need to establish a reliable source of income. The programme is the perfect solution for those expats and travellers who dream of having more time and freedom than full-time employment can offer.

The Lifestyle Marketeer programme focuses on teaching the business skills and digital marketing expertise that will enable travellers and expats to work remotely from any location in the world. With students worldwide, the Lifestyle Marketeer programme has taught people in Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, South Africa, Indonesia, the US, and the UK. The principles that are taught in the programme are widely applicable, and the course is available to anyone from an English-speaking country.

After completing the programme, expats will have the skills required to set up a profitable digital marketing business. Focusing on helping other local businesses, graduates of the Lifestyle Marketeer programme are able to help small businesses achieve their goals and objectives through online advertising and digital marketing.

The Lifestyle Marketeer programme teaches budding marketers how to attract customers to their digital marketing agency, as well as how to help each client grow their business through digital ads and marketing. More specifically, the programme covers a wide range of topics, including how to successfully run ads; how to utilise Google Ads, Facebook Ads and LinkedIn to their maximum effect; how to create a strong online presence; and how to craft excellent email marketing.