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There is a common question we get at James Hopkins Coaching from people who want to start their own online business.


Any time the word “online” comes in to play when it relates to a business, it always brings the connotation that technology is a part of it.


And more importantly, that technology is a massive barrier to making it successful. This comes from the idea that any sort of online technology requires a huge learning curve, prior experience in the technology space, and adept skills at using online software and other forms of technology.


In fact, this belief on its own has prevented so many people from starting an online marketing agency or any online business for that matter.


This is a really tough pill to swallow for me because I didn’t have any experience with technology or online systems before starting an online business.


I don’t have a computer science background. I never studied technology to learn the ins and outs of it.


I’m not a “tech person”, which is something that so many people use to label themselves.


There is no such thing as a “tech person”. You don’t even need to be “good at technology”. 


To start an online business that helps people with marketing, you just need to have a willingness to learn. This is a big proponent of what we teach at James Hopkins Coaching.


Sure, you might have to know your way around a web browser, email, and Facebook. But everything else, you can learn just by following simple steps that are laid out for you.


You don’t need to be an expert with technology. You’re not building a mobile app or an electric car.


You’re simply focusing on helping local businesses to grow their businesses. That doesn’t require having a master’s degree in information technology.


You only need to have the ability to follow step by step instructions to help you get the result you want.


Now, this is definitely the case with an online social media business that focuses on digital marketing. 


What we’ve found at James Hopkins Coaching is that we can bring people in with “zero experience” in technology and they’re still able to start an online business. 


Why? Because the path is laid out for them and they don’t have to figure everything out on their own. They can learn with the steps provided and go from there. 


But they also don’t spend their time consumed with technological aspects of the business.


A business in this arena is focused heavily on finding local businesses, and helping them get customers.


Spending time messing around technology is counterproductive to growing an online business. And we make that very clear for everyone who comes into James Hopkins Coaching for help.


In other business models, it’s true that technology plays a much bigger role where you would need previous knowledge to help you succeed. 


But for an online social media business, you already know everything you need about how technology works.


Basically, if you know your way around a laptop (so you can work from anywhere), then you can definitely start one today.