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As you begin to start your first online business, you’ll soon learn that it’s extremely hard to remain focused. 

There is so much to do every day and so little time that you may find yourself feeling overwhelmed very quickly. 

At James Hopkins Coaching, we believe that in order to be successful with your first online business, you must avoid the distractions and become extremely focused. 

To become focused, you must start by identifying the business model you want to work on. 

Sticking with one model will bring better results than working on 2, 3 or more. 

To identify the right model for you, you must conduct in-depth research.

Look at the target market. Is this group one you would like to work with? Do you have the right skillset to offer exceptional results? Will you be able to continue throughout the ups and downs of the business?

These are all questions we ask our clients at James Hopkins Coaching.

Having worked with thousands of expats in Thailand, Japan, the UK and Spain, we found that many people simply fail to set up their business as they focus on too many models.

Pinpoint the model you want and work hard to achieve your goals. It’s really that simple. 

Once you have identified your first business model and want to start taking action, you must set yourself SMART goals. 

Setting yourself goals is one of the best ways to remain focused as a business owner. 

For example, if you have set the goal of making 10 cold calls a day, sending 10 emails and 10 cold DM’s, you’re more likely to achieve this than if you say “I’ll conduct some outreach today”. 

Being specific about what you want to achieve, will allow you to remain focused when getting started. 

This is particularly important due to the amount of work you will have to do. 

At James Hopkins Coaching, we have found that although workload may not be at its highest during the initial setup of a business, business owners may feel overwhelmed due to the sheer amount they need to do. 

They will consequently try to complete everything at once and complete nothing during their day. 

Instead of focusing on everything, tackle one task at a time. 

For example, from 9-9:30 you can look at your emails. From 9:30-11 you can conduct outreach. From 11-13:30 you can focus on your internal operations… You get the message. 

The more specific you are about each of your targets, the more you’ll be able to achieve high levels of focus. 

You need to do this in each area of your business to get the very best results. 

At James Hopkins Coaching we believe this is the best way to remain focused when you’re first getting started. 

With so much to complete in such little time, being focused will be the difference between a successful startup story and a startup disaster.