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There has never been so much opportunity available for the average person to make 6 figures through an online business.

But what do you need to be successful in the online industry?

At James Hopkins Coaching, we believe these 3 lessons can help you get on your way to producing 6 figures.

Firstly, it’s important that you learn a result based skill.

In the modern work environment, most people are paid for the number of hours they work.

Rather than working per hour, you want to be paid for the results you can deliver.

Such skills include: sales and marketing, selling a product online, email marketing and copywriting. 

Each of these skills can help your clients to achieve thousands in revenue every month (if not 10’s and 100’s of thousands with bigger clients).

You can then take a % of the profits generated, or alternatively charge a monthly fixed fee.

This will help you to escape the trap of working per hour, which will open up other doors throughout your journey as a business owner.

Another lesson you need to learn and one that we believe is extremely important at James Hopkins Coaching is to adopt productive habits.

Now what exactly is a productive habit and how can it help you?

When it comes to managing a business, you’ll find yourself extremely busy throughout your day to day routine.

Building a habit will allow you to automatically complete an action that will help you to succeed.

For example, waking up early and exercising in the morning are 2 examples of a productive habit that you can implement as part of your routine.

Being up early will ensure you can get the most out of each hour during the day and exercising will help you to keep your stress levels low amongst other benefits.

The more productive habits you can implement in each area of your life, the better overall outcomes you’ll be able to achieve.

The final key lesson we teach at James Hopkins Coaching is that you need to learn to accept failure. 

Failure is part of every business no matter the industry you operate in.

However, it is how you react to this failure that will determine your overall success.

You can look at each failure you encounter and learn from it, or you can choose to quit. However the moment you choose to quit, is the moment you truly fail.

As a business owner, you will have to adapt to all kinds of failures on a daily basis. They will simply become a part of your routine.

As you overcome each failure, you will be met with another.

The only difference between a successful business owner and an unsuccessful one is that the successful owner didn’t give up.

Utilizing these 3 lessons, clients at James Hopkins Coaching have managed to accumulate 6 figure businesses through their online services.

You can do this too. The sooner you get started, the sooner you can turn this dream into a reality.