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The world mindset is thrown around a lot on the internet. 


From upcoming gurus to international superstars, many attribute their success to their mindset and their way of thinking.


But what actually is mindset? How can it help you on your journey to becoming successful?


Mindset is a key factor that we focus on at James Hopkins Coaching and is something that is often overlooked in school.


We are taught to associate success with achieving top grades and being obedient in the classroom.


While this is fantastic for school systems, it doesn’t particularly work when it comes to real life.


As a result, many people struggle with rejection, self-confidence and resilience. As a result, they have a fixed mindset which makes them more liable to quit.


At James Hopkins Coaching, we want to turn this fixed mindset into a growth mindset.


So what does this mindset shift help with?


Those with a growth mindset are more likely to embrace new experiences and take on the challenges that life throws at them.


Rather than looking at mistakes at setbacks, they look at them as a way that didn’t work. They then move to a new strategy to achieve their goal. Do you see how this can make a difference?


If you’re setting up a business for the first time and you lose one of your biggest clients what will you do?


With a closed mindset, you quit. It’s game over, the business has failed and that’s that.


With a growth mindset, you look at this in a whole different way. So, you lost a client. But now you can spend the time you would have spent completing their work finding a new client. 


Now, many individuals with a fixed mindset may state that changing the way you think is impossible. 


One of the many challenges we help individuals overcome at James Hopkins Coaching is overcoming this untrue thought. 


Not only is it possible to change the way you think, but this mindset shift will help carry you to success. 


If you want to achieve real success at anything in life, you’re going to fail.


We have all heard the stories of successful people who were mocked and rejected before they became successful. 


J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter books were rejected 12 times before a publisher said yes. 


Oprah Winfrey was declared “unfit for television” in one of the first jobs she had in the TV industry. 


Steve Jobs was voted out of Apple, a company he founded only to help revive the company after it was going to fail.


If these individuals lived their life with a fixed mindset, in which they quit the moment they ran into rejection, they would never achieve the success they have today. 


James Hopkins Coaching can help you make this crucial mindset shift from one of quitting to one of success.


This is the mentality you need to achieve your goals in life, take on the rejection and pursue your goals no matter how many times you’re told no.